AADHAR Card Status by Name: Get Your Aadhar Status by Name

Normally it takes around 3 months (12 weeks) to receive AADHAR card after you enroll at AADHAR Card Center.
At the moment, there is no system into position to check AADHAR card status by name.

We are seeing the development in this area very strongly and we will update this page from the moment one of these services is in place whereby local people can check AADHAR card status by name. As long as you wished to be notified when a system is offered by which you can check AADHAR card status by name and/or various other demographic guidelines, leave your actual contact details (only valid email id in the email box, no phone number please) and appropriate message in the “Comments” section below.As of now, the only solution to check your AADHAR card status over the internet is with your acknowledgement enrollment slip details or by phone, through SMS. You can find more details about these types of options here: AADHAR Card Status.
If you have acknowledgement enrollment slip and the status shows as processed successfully, you can proceed with AADHAR card download duplicate copy.

You can Download duplicate copy, click here: AADHAR Card Download Duplicate

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